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We help athletes achieve excellence by training their most powerful tool – their mind.

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What Can We Do?

  • Mental Game Coaching Icon Increase ConfidenceIncrease confidence
  • Mental Game Coaching Icon Self TalkEliminate negative self talk
  • Mental Game Coaching Icon FocusEnhance focus
  • Mental Game Coaching Icon Trust SkillsMaximize trust in skills
  • Mental Game Coaching Icon Overcome BarriersOvercome emotional barriers
  • Mental Game Coaching Icon Coaching Team DynamicsNavigate challenging coaching or team dynamics
  • Mental Game Coaching Icon TendenciesControl perfectionist tendencies
  • Mental Game Coaching Icon MotivationDetermine sources of motivation

Proven results in a variety of sports

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LAUNCH Peak Performance Advantage:

Our LAUNCH clients receive access to certified mental game coaches and availability of remote and in office state-of-the-art brain training technology to enhance focus and relaxation. We’ve got all the tools you need to reach your goals!

Our Satisfied Clients

“Within the first couple of weeks I noticed I was more relaxed and I was letting things go easier. I loved the game again!” – Madison

“He was putting it all together because his brain understood what he needed to do!” – Amber

“We tried to look for every competitive advantage we could for my daughter. I feel like this has helped tremendously!” – JD